Dessert Menu


Affogato $10

Imported Coffee Gelato Drowned In Hot Espresso, Fresh Whipped Cream

& Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans



Profiteroles Con Gelato $11

Homemade Profiteroles Filled With Imported Vanilla Gelato

covered With Chocolate Ganache


Tiramisu $11

Layers Of Ladyfingers Soaked In Espresso With Mascarpone, Bittersweet Chocolate

And Cocoa Powder



Torta Caprese $11

Traditional Chocolate & Almond Cake From The Island Of Capri Served With A Scoop Of Imported Vanilla Bean Gelato



Tartufo Classico $11

A Zabaglione & Hazelnut Semifreddo Dusted With Cocoa & Hazelnuts



Torta Di Ricotta $11

Traditional Italian Ricotta Cheesecake Laced With Orange Zest



Sorbetto Del Giorno $9

Imported Sorbet Of The Day



Coppa Mista $9

A Trio Of Chocolate, Vanilla And Gianduja Gelato (Chocolate & Hazelnut)